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ブローバ 腕時計 レディース 98R141 Bulova Women's 98R141 Precisionist Tanglewood Diamond Two-Tone Bracelet Watchブローバ 腕時計 レディース 98R141


商品名ブローバ 腕時計 レディース 98R141 Bulova Women's 98R141 Precisionist Tanglewood Diamond Two-Tone Bracelet Watchブローバ 腕時計 レディース 98R141
商品説明(英語)Women's Precisionist diamond case bracelet watch mother-of-pearl dial Domed mineral crystal with rose gold metalized rim; Faceted dauphine hands Stainless steel case and bracelet 34 diamonds, calendar, white mother-of-pearl dial with silver rose Water resistant to 99 feet (30 M): withstands rain and splashes of water, but not showering or submersion
商品説明(自動翻訳)女性の精密ダイヤモンドケースブレスレットウォッチマザーオブパールダイヤルドーム型ミネラルクリスタルローズゴールドメタリックリム、ファセットドフィーヌの手ステンレススチール製のケースとブレスレット34本のダイヤモンド、カレンダー、シルバーバラの白いマザー・オブ・パールダイヤル防水99フィート(30 M)まで耐水性:雨や水の飛散には耐えるが、シャワーや浸水には耐えない
商品詳細(英語)The most accurate watch in the world with a continuously sweeping second hand, the Bulova Women's Precisionist Tanglewood Diamond Two-Tone Bracelet Watch is a gorgeous watch with impeccable movement. The watch features: stainless steel with rose-gold and silver finish, 36 individually hand-set diamonds, domed metalized crystal, multiple-layer white mother-of-pearl, silver-pink and silver dial, continuously sweeping second hand, calendar, four-screw caseback, locking deployment buckle and water resistance to 30 meters. In 1875, a young Czech immigrant named Joseph Bulova set up shop in New York City, and a legendary American watch brand was born. Bulova was trained as a jeweler, and his expertise carried over into his watchmaking career, which began around 1911 with boudoir clocks and pocket watches, and soon evolved to include what was then one of the latest and most fashionable technological innovations: the wristwatch. Bulova introduced its first line of wristwatches in 1919. The company grew and prospered, and soon early radio and television ads were declaring, "America runs on Bulova time." In the 1950s, continuing its legacy of innovation, Bulova introduced Accutron, the first electronic watch, and the first breakthrough in timekeeping technology in over 300 years. The Accutron timing mechanism was later adapted for use by NASA computers and a Bulova timer was even placed on the moon to control transmissions of data. Bulova timepieces have kept official time aboard Air Force One and have also served as official timepieces for U.S. Olympic teams. Today, Bulova maintains its tradition of excellence in technology and design, offering a diverse collection of beautiful precision timepieces for every occasion.
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156,980円 (税込)
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