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アルカスイス/Arca Swiss Monoball Z1 SP w/Classic Quick Set Device 801103/三脚/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー AWMBZ1SPCARCA-SWISS monoball Z Stronger lighter

A leader of tripod head design for over 40 years ARCA-SWISS is setting new standards revisiting their B-series models and introducing the Z-Series just as elegant and even more perfect. The size and weight of the ball heads have been significantly reduced. The ball and fastening are now assembled using a patented bayonet mount. Various accessories can thus be quickly mounted to adapt the tripod as required.

In addition to the proven patented Arca-Swiss features including aspherical ball heads axial clamping and PMF (progressive motion related friction control) the Z-Series also boasts new technical developments and optimized materials and coatings.

The new series can withstand an incredible 60 kg (132 lbs) off-axis. Z-Series heads are available as Version Z SP (single pan) and Version Z DP (double pan). The monoball Z DP with its second panning mechanism below the camera mount keeps the camera perfectly vertical to the swinging plane for perfect panoramic stitching of multiple images.

The Arca Swiss Z1 is commonly used for Landscape/scenery Night shots Portraits Travel Wildlife and more.The Arca Swiss Z1 is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Photo enthusiast among others.One reason why the Arca Swiss Z1 is popular is because of its Stable.

アルカスイス/Arca Swiss Monoball Z1 SP w/Classic Quick Set Device 801103

94,537円 (税込102,100 円)