4 Tips to Choosing the Right Car Batteries

Car batteries are essential in the operation of the widely used car models. However, car batteries eventually get bad and replacements are in order. For seamless locomotion, you will need to make choices of the right battery size, power, and brand. Compatibility with the vehicle is also an integral factor to consider. There are several types of car batteries in the market, and you must make the right choice to gain optimal performance of your car. Below tips will guide to the right decisions on matters car batteries.


  • Check dates to get fresh batteries.


Most of the cells deteriorate in strength from the time of manufacture even on storage. Since sometimes these products are imported from afar, the loss of power may be quite considerable to hinder functions. When purchasing a new car battery, it is advisable that you check on shipping codes to ascertain manufacturing dates. If you wish to have optimal performance, go for cells dated not more than six months old.  The dates are coded systematically, and you should be conversant with the same.


  • Compare Life expectancy and warranty.


Most of the best car batteries for cars last approximately five years and this is often a factor of the cost. A good car battery may cost some extra cash but will avoid your frustrations of getting stranded on the roads when you travel. The length of warranty offered with a given array can well indicate the quality of that particular battery. Be sure to at least pick on a battery that is rated 24/84 as you will be assured of free replacement within the specified duration. Any reputable dealer will offer such services are a guarantee of quality in the battery sold.


  • Get the right size and power.


Batteries vary in size and strength and the correct battery for your car will depend on specifications available on the user manual. You should consult the user manual to get the right size and power of the cell if thinking of trying a new brand of battery, after that, countercheck to be sure they match. These are outlined as cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC). Besides, you can make a comparison of the old vs. the new battery before installing the new one. Some of the specifications are clear from the appearance, and it won’t take any experience to get the right battery. Failure to get the right size and power battery can cause ignition problem. If you are not sure of the particulars, it is recommended that you consult an expert.


  • Consider your driving needs.


Does the new battery fit your car and driving needs? This should be the first question to answer when choosing the right battery for your car. The driving conditions and climate can hugely affect the battery life thus when you are plying routes of extreme temperatures you will need a different advanced type of batteries to withstand such conditions. Battery life testing gives detailed reports on various cells and specific locations as well a driving needs thus makes a valuable reference material.

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