5 Businesses You Should Work With This Year

Local businesses have become very competitive these days. Supporting locally owned businesses is the key to building strong and vibrant communities. Many young millennials are choosing to work with locally owned businesses due to their personal touch and the tendency to retain employees during tough economic times.

Supporting local entrepreneurs also ensures that money is reinvested into the local economy thus creating more jobs and strengthening local networks. This year, which businesses should you work with?

Let’s look at 5 award-winning businesses you should work with this year.

  1. Business Start-Ups

Start-up businesses are relatively new or emerging entrepreneurial ventures that seek to meet customers’ needs by developing suitable products and services for the marketplace. One great startup you should work with this year is Digital Roofing Innovations.

Digital Roofing Innovations is a start-up business that employs a modern roofing approach to give you professional roofing services. They specialize in storm damage restoration, residential roofing, and commercial roofing.  This Roofing Contractor is already receiving international accolades. The Shoals Chamber of Commerce recently awarded Digital Roofing Innovations the business startup of the year, during the 2018 Business Excellence Awards.

2      Woman-Owned Businesses

One of the businesses you should strive to work with this year is woman-owned businesses. Women-owned enterprises are businesses that are 51% owned, controlled and run by one or more women. A good example of a woman-owned business in Florence Alabama is Forsythe and Long Engineering Inc. This company specializes in innovative engineering solutions, fabrication and project management. If you are an engineering enthusiast, this is the business to work with.

3     Small Businesses

Small businesses are private and independently run enterprises with limited size and a few employees. Local small businesses are a great source of employment for local residents. They also provide great customer service as compared to their larger counterparts. Singin River brewing company is a small brewery in Florence Alabama that is winning awards for their rich, full taste, locally brewed beer.

4     Family Owned Businesses

Family owned businesses are probably the oldest forms of trading organizations that ever existed. In a family-owned business, a majority of the shares are owned by the members of the family. The management team also comprises of several family members though non-family members can also hold senior positions in such businesses. The McVantage Group in Tuscumbia, Alabama is one successful wooden packaging company with high-quality products and an international outlook.  

5     Non Profit Entities

Nonprofit organizations are charitable institutions that are formed to serve the interests of the public as a way to give back to the society. Nonprofit institutions are non-business, meaning they do not generate profit but rather, they strive to advocate for a cause.

Would you like to volunteer in providing education, fight against gender violence and help with safety planning? Well, Safeplace needs your help. With limited employees and wide Northwest Alabama to serve, your helping hand will make the organization’s mission possible.


There you have it. 5 businesses you should work with this year. Need urgent help with your damaged roof? Digital Roofing Innovations has a solution for all your roofing needs. Located in Decatur, Alabama, this Roofing Contractor is definitely a cut above the rest.

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