5 Things Your Kids Can Learn From a Veteran

Having a relative who has been active in the honorable service for a long time is a blessing. Besides being a source of livelihood, the acquired experience is integral in the upbringing of children and the society in general. Probably you can’t think of anyone in your social circle as being a veteran but thanks to the veteran day your kids can be enlightened on a few life lessons that will mold them to be better citizens. Some of the things veterans teach children are:


  • The three Ds of life


Determination, discipline, and dedication are essential traits that are crucial in life far beyond ability. Sometimes, this may not sink well until you hear from the horse’ mouth and the military being a highly regulated profession, it is impossible to succeed without the above three. By observing how ex-military personnel conduct themselves, your kids will learn the art of commitment to task and determination.in spite of imminent insecurity, veterans worked to ensure sanity within the borders, and this is widely attributed to dedication to the task. Discipline and etiquette learned from a veteran will spare your kids from the net of peer influence.


  • The art of perseverance


The armed forces are often associated with work in uncomfortable situations and stressful conditions, and it takes a lions’ heart to survive. Life will not always be smooth and at one time or another difficult situation will be unavoidable but then how you cope with the events is paramount to your survival. The sweetest victory is achieved from the most discomforting battle, and this is quite vivid for a veteran hence when you engage your kids to a veteran, this will be transmitted. Moreover, a veteran will teach your kids to strategize quickly and act swift in difficult events as routine is never  guaranteed in life.


  • The value of exercise and effective fitness techniques


It is no doubt that military personnel undergoes intensive training in the barracks to keep fit and this not baseless. A veteran can teach your kid the benefits of physical exercise and some proper techniques to do the same; this is better appreciated than the gymnastics. Health benefits associated with exercise are enormous and having a veteran inculcate the habit of physical exercise in your children by a veteran will be amazing as they are not likely to forget.


  • Being responsible


One of the things a veteran can teach your children is the virtue of responsibility which will give them a self-drive and as well spares you of having to monitor their actions frequently. In the military, responsibility is adored, and often you are confronted with events requiring some responsibility as a person or on behalf of a multitude, your kids will portray some sense of responsibility having contacted a veteran.


  • Appreciation for freedom


Most kids will never understand want freedom is, and it requires the intervention of someone who has contributed in a way to the attainment of freedom so that this gets in crystal clear. By doing this, your kids are molded to avoid infringing on others freedom and participate in enhancing freedom when the time is right.

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