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6 Tips for Avoiding a Plumbing Emergency

Surely you want your sink to be functional all the time. As such, you want to make sure that every drain is working properly and that you are observing all the plumbing rules that can help keep the plumber at bay. If you maintain your plumbing on a consistent basis, it is possible that you will avoid most emergencies that come from failing to put effort into the upkeep of your plumbing system. So, what are some of the things one can do so that they do not have to call emergency plumbing services all the time?

Here are 6 tips to avoid plumbing emergencies:

1. Avoid grease in the sink

Kitchen sinks are typically the place where most people dispose of cooking oil which is one of the main causes of a plumbing system failing. As such, it is important that one should avoid pouring grease in these places. Most of the fat and oil from the cooking are drained down the sink, which is wrong as it will coat the pipes and cause blockage. You should dispose of all of your oil and grease into the garbage to avoid clogging up the plumbing.

2. Avoid pre-moistened wipes and stick to toilet paper

There are many brands of moistened wipes that do not break up in the sewage system and therefore end up blocking drains. Paper towels and baby wipes could be some of the most hazordous items in this regard. As such, it is important that one sticks to toilet paper if they want to avoid plumbing emergencies.

3. Do not hang anything on exposed drain pipes

This is a common problem in basements. It is not unusual to find people hanging clothes and other items on exposed pipes. This is dangerous as it can strain the pipes and eventually make them burst. o not use the exposed pipes as a clothing rack.

4. Use a stainless wash hose on your washing machine

When it comes to using a hose, it is important that you should use the stainless or braided hoses that are known to withstand pressure. Most of the plastic and rubber hoses that come with many washing machines do burst and can cause a water tsunami in your washing area. This is an emergency that you need to avoid at all costs.

5. Avoid drop-in cleaners

Most people want to use drop-in cleaners in their toilet so that they can avoid cleaning their toilet  by hand. While this may seem quite convenient for you, it will eventually damage your toilet and cause an emergency in due course. The cleaner chemicals do damage the drainage pipes and after they are weakened for long, they will not serve you in the right manner. It is actually possible to have your warranty voided if you use these cleaners. They are known to damage your toilet system in the long run.

6. Always strain your drain

To avoid draining large chunks of food and other hard items, you should put a strainer in the sink. This will help you avoid clogs such as coffee, rice, and other food remains and debris. A strainer will help you control what goes down the drain and help you avoid emergency plumbing issues.

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