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Biggest Weld Ever?

Hi Garret , thanks for your videos , they are quite interesting .

I don’t have a mig welder but do plenty of stick welding and enjoy it when I get a great result . Some years ago I purchased a real old Miller welder that can do both Ac and dc welding , wow how much better it is using dc over Ac .

Your videos are great to help a person new to welding and I am pleased that you have done them as they are easy to understand .

Thanks again!

I attached a pic of one of my biggest welds ever…

A repair to a cast steel plate around 18″ diameter . I lathed out the crack , preheated the whole thing then applied more heat to the outside of the plate then did the weld …. About 4 kg of rods !

I learned how to do this from a unequaled engineer who is well into his eighties. And has forgotten more than most modern engineers will ever know!

A very successful result and no warping pulling Or cracks !
Thanks and best regards, Tim


One thought on “Biggest Weld Ever?

  1. 2 × 40mm single V-preps with 40mm fillet 600mm vertical up pre-heated to 240deg. 6 passes short of completion at the end of a 12 hour night shift.
    Sorry no photos, Supervisor dragged me away as the bus was waiting for me.

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