Caiman White Goatskin Welding Gloves Review

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Moving from one welding job to another, you might need different tools for different tasks. And that includes your protective equipment. Depending on the job at hand, you might need a little extra protection from heat and splatter, or you might need a lighter glove with greater dexterity.

When you can make those trade-offs without sacrificing lasting power or comfort, that’s when you know you’ve found the right pair of TIG welding gloves.

Caiman White Goatskin Long Cuff TIG Welding Gloves

True to their name, Caiman’s white goatskin gloves are constructed from highly resilient goat grain leather. Or rather, the fingers and palm of the gloves use that material. From the wrist onward, these gloves are constructed with a 4” cuff made from a separate hide of long split leather.

It’s a fairly strong combination of sturdy material and protection along the wrist. But internally, these gloves essentially have no fuzzy lining. It’s not really that bad for comfort because goatskin is fairly smooth.

It also means your hands don’t end up with that new-glove white-fluff all over them. More importantly, it helps keep the gloves from being stiff, and allow you to maintain a greater degree of dexterity.

If you’re seeking comfort above all else, top-grain leather is really your best choice. White goatskin leather like used by these gloves is filled with minor imperfections, and isn’t quite as durable.

But at the same time, leather is leather. As long as its construction isn’t totally butchered, you end up with performance that’s close-enough to the best materials on the market. That certainly seems to be the case here.

Value Oriented Materials

When you’re mostly doing one type of welding, and you can mostly use one pair of gloves, it’s often worth investing in an excellent pair. It’s a real pleasure to work with premium leather material. A well-worn pair can feel about as cozy as wearing a couch made for your hands.

The problem is you have to be willing and able to take incredibly good care of them. Not all people work in environments where that’s possible, or would want to undertake the effort to begin with. It’s why so many welders turn to gloves like these, which provide rugged construction paired with an excellent price to performance ratio.

Other Considerations

Caiman’s goatskin TIG welding gloves are not intended to help you hold hot objects. It should be clear from seeing them, these gloves provide very little insulation to protect you from holding hot objects, they primarily serve to protect from splatter.

For people with smaller hands, it can be tough to find welding gloves that don’t feel like giant gauntlets. Caiman’s goatskin gloves are available in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large. The medium size in particular is noteworthy for people with smaller hands.

Who Should Choose Caiman Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves?

When you need your full range of dexterity, you need a pair of gloves like these. The high cuff is great for protecting your forearm, and their price is hard to argue with.

You can buy two or three pairs of Caiman White Goatskin Long Cuff Gloves for about the same price as one pair of gloves from their nearest serious competitor. Consequently, if you can get these gloves to last for any reasonable amount of time, they can quickly become an insanely good value.

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