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Arc Welding Sleeves That Don’t Cost an Arm

Gloves do a good job of protecting your hands and wrists. But what about a couple inches past that? Is the rest of your arm immune to sparks, splatter, and heat? Probably not. Sometimes a welding jacket can help. But are you always working in jacket weather? It’s problems like that which drive many

Establishing Your Own Welding Spot

A well-trained and experienced welder can do much worse than moving out of the shadow of their employer. Setting up your own business is a sound financial choice – business mag Forbes notes that self-employed people earning over $100,000 rose 4.9% in the last two years. Once you have the network to

Women in Welding (written by Helen Carey)

As with many areas of manufacturing, the welding industry is in need of workers. Traditionally a male-dominated field, welding has been facing a labor deficit for about a decade now and past efforts to expand recruiting efforts have largely failed or remained inconclusive. But new initiatives aim to change this,

Greatest Weld Project Ever – Part 2

Thanks to Carlos E., we received this picture of his greatest weld project - this is a really cool piece of metal art. Thanks Carlos - keep up the great work! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Send us your art, projects, greatest stories, etc...and you'll be featured in an upcoming post. (adsbygoogle =

IBOAT360 Imperial Blades Carbide Extreme Blade

Mess up a weld seam? Need to cut thick metals or make adjustments? Don't want to start over? Well good news, the Imperial Blades IBOAT360 Carbide Extreme Metal Blade  is here to save the day - designed with a 1/8" Carbide Strip attached to the bottom of the blade - this will continue

Welding Stainless Steel: A Quick Guide

Steel users everywhere are being benefited by the development of non-rusting stainless steel and this material has varying degrees of corrosion resistance, workability and tremendous strength. But there are some downfalls to the improved material, for instance, welding has become much more complicated in comparison to traditional carbon steel. You