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How To Turn Your Welding Skills Into Art


The New York Times recently reported on the death of Charles Ginnever, a talented metal artist who was commissioned by some of the most influential people for his work. There are a number of his sculptures dotted around the States, from public parks to universities. Apart from having a keen

What you need to know about Working in Construction

Working in the construction industry is a career like any other. In fact, the real estate sector can’t thrive without the input of construction workers. This is because they are the professionals that put brick and mortar together to make the structures that later becomes homes, business premises and offices.

How To Choose The Right Welder

When it comes to selecting an appropriate welder to handle your everyday projects, you ought to be extremely cautious. Whether you weld as a hobby or as a full-time occupation, it’s crucial to choose the best welder that will fulfill your needs without causing unwanted inconveniences. For instance, here are

How Does A Vacuum Pump Work?

A vacuum pump can be described as a device that serves as a tool in removing gas molecules from a sealed space, so as to create a partial vacuum. In simpler terms, vacuum pumps serve to pull gases or air out of a container leaving it free from gas molecules. Vacuum

Top Welding Jackets for 2018

If you’re a welder, you know how valuable quality welding jackets can be. Considering sparks are flying and you can’t move because you’re in the middle of a weld, a welding jacket is your best protection from burns—and one of the most appreciated welding supplies in your arsenal. Thin shirts

The Guide to Finding the Right Welding Gloves

As a welder, your hands are your career. That’s why you need to find the perfect welding gloves to not only protect your hands, but also give you the right amount of dexterity to create accurate welds. To know what you should look for in welding gloves, it’s important to

Similarity of Welding Machines and Lasers

Very few people would say that they can effectively weld. Indeed, this is a strictly specialized skill. But in many cases this statement about having no skills of welding would not be hundred percent correct. The point is that welding is the technology very similar to modern laser. And laser