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LOVE Welding & Table Project – Best Weld Ever Continued!

Hi Garrett!

I’ve really enjoyed your welding class and as a novice with a good mind for picking up handy projects, it was exactly what I needed.
My first 2 projects have turned out better than I could have hoped.
Starting in reverse I wanted to make a gift for my mom, so I whipped up this little picture frame:
Took me about 3 hours over all. I did all the welding on the back to keep the look clean without grinding, and did all square corners instead of 45’s for speed and simplicity!

My first project which is only about 1 step from complete is a end table. I went through a few iterations of design in google Sketchup. Since its a functional and decorative piece I beefed up everything for support so I’m comfortable using it for a laptop table, and the design is so that it can ‘curl’ over a couch or chair arm rest.
For both of these projects I’ve got a 125amp Chicago Electric Flux core mig welder. Cheap, and has been working wonders so far!
For the table, I used 45’s for the top and bottom corners to keep the tube enclosed for looks. Everything was held together by 90* clamps and welding magnets.
In the end the top tips down about 1/8″ on the opened end, but for my first big project I was pretty happy that was the only ‘issue’ on a 26″ table!
Thanks for putting together a great course!

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