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Are You Positioned To Profit From The  New Skilled Trades Revolution?

Many smart tradesmen are already earning Doctor’s salaries, and now you can too if you strike while the iron is hot!

Dear skilled trade career seeker,

If you’re tired of working dead-end jobs that don’t pay you what you desire and deserve, then this is going to be the most CRITICAL message you ever read.

Right now, as I write these words, there’s a revolution happening in America’s workforce, and it’s causing many employers to use “cut throat” tactics just to fill skilled trade jobs.

According to a article, the stats are frightening, but very lucrative for those who choose to learn a trade while this crisis is still in existence.

Here’s a snippet of the article…

America’s Skilled Trades Dilemma: Shortages Loom As Most-In-Demand Group Of Workers Ages

“For the last three years, according to ManpowerGroup, the hardest segment of the workforce for employers to staff with skilled talent hasn’t been registered nurses or engineers or even web developers. It’s been the skilled trades – the welders, electricians, machinists, etc. that are so prevalent in manufacturing and construction.

But if these skilled-trades workers are difficult to find now, as Manpower MAN -1.21%’s survey indicates, just wait a few years. The skills gap is likely to become more acute.”

The American Gold Rush Is Back!

According to…

A recently released survey by the Associated General Contractors of America revealed that nearly 80 percent of construction businesses are having a hard time finding qualified skilled labor.

“Good or bad, we have likely only seen the beginning of the construction labor shortage. Building activity is projected to strengthen over the next few years, and the demand for skilled craftsmen is expected to continue to grow. While residential and commercial construction activity may have increased significantly since the low point of the recession, many still view this resurgence as fragile. Constrained by a shortage of skilled workers, this resurgence could end up tempered by the continued increase of new home prices and delays in projects.

Filling this gap is going to take a concerted effort on all fronts, including encouraging America’s youth to return to the construction industry.”

This spells fortunes for smart individuals who can spot a developing trend, and this is no ordinary trend. Just like those smart investors who made millions in the 1930’s stock market crash, those of you who can read between the lines stand to make unthinkable salaries.

This Catastophic Shortage Of The Skilled Trades Workforce Is Wreaking Havoc on The Backbone of America

For the last 3 decades there has been a strong push to only promote 4 year universities as a viable career path. This has left the backbone of America in a critical condition, but it has left the existing tradesmen, and anyone who wants to learn a trade, in a once-in-a-lifetime position.

So many of these tradesmen are now making Doctor’s salaries due to the URGENT demand for skilled tradesmen, and there’s a GIGANTIC opportunity for you when you learn a trade.

According to…

“Every day, the shortage in the skilled trades becomes more acute. According to numbers from the National Electrical Contractors Association, 7,000 electricians join the field each year, but 10,000 retire.”

When interviewed Ron Henderson, a welding instructor at Dallas County Community College, here’s what he said.

Dirt is where the money’s at,” said Ron Henderson with a laugh. Indeed. Henderson is a long time welding instructor at Dallas County Community College’s Mountain View campus.

He said demand and earning potential for his students is high. “All of us old guys are gone,” says Henderson. “So the ones that are smart enough to come and get this trade, go and get that money!”

The Money Always Flows Where The Demand Is

“With many current welders reaching retirement age, the law of supply and demand is taking over, driving up wages and filling up training programs. The graduates of the WorkNet Pinellas program start at $60,000 after a 16-week training course. With overtime and a little seasoning, they can be making well over $100,000 in short order,” Axelrod said.”

-Vicki Bell


It’s no secret that the highest paid people in the world have careers tied to solving the most pressing problems.

A marketing manager who can double the sales of a company in a few short months is solving a HUGE problem – “How do we get more customers?”

Doctor’s get paid what they do because most people aren’t willing to spend 10 to 12 years in med school with residency. They are in demand, so they get paid accordingly.

Pro athletes get paid what they do because there aren’t many people on this planet that can do what they do, and the fans will keep buying tickets as long as the players are good.

The same thing is true for skilled trades jobs.

The market is flooded with people working unexceptional jobs. That’s why in 2014 the average income of a single person in the U.S. was $34,940 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I’m not saying that’s not a livable salary, but aren’t you ready to get paid what you’re worth?

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

As American industry tries to deal with this critical problem, the door will remain open (at least for a while) for those looking to learn a skilled trade. However, just like the railroad investors of the 19th century who made fortunes, and just like the dot com millionaires, the window of opportunity is only open for so long.

Those who can spot this trend will stand to gain financial independence like they never imagined.