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Similarity of Welding Machines and Lasers

Very few people would say that they can effectively weld. Indeed, this is a strictly specialized skill. But in many cases this statement about having no skills of welding would not be hundred percent correct. The point is that welding is the technology very similar to modern laser. And laser is being widely used in a number of modern devices, some of which many users have at home or deal with at work and do it on daily basis. When speaking of the most widely spread of such devices one first of all remembers about laser printers. Nowadays laser disks – CDs and DVDs – are not as widely spread as they used to be, but only a couple decades ago they constituted another bright example illustrating the effectiveness and popularity of laser technology.

Lasers are also widely applied in engravers. These devices are becoming more and more popular. The more globalized the world becomes, the more standardized things people have, and the larger the demand for various solutions grows, which allows people to emphasize their individuality and personality, as well as developing their personal design without making major investments. This is precisely why more and more people long to have a desktop laser engraver for developing their individual style.

Technological Background

Let us not forget that laser is similar to a welder in many respects.The difference is that unlike welders lasers are often used by computers and microprocessors due to their high accuracy making one-tenth of a millimeter. Not only are lasers so similar to welders but also they are used in welding owing to their ability to make fine joints. This has become possible due to the fact that they do it without using any filler metals. This factor alone revolutionizes the process. Let’s consider all these in detail.

Traditional welders used to require filler material in order to join two pieces of high strength steel. This filling material was soft and hence easier to weld than steel itself. As a result, the major deformation to steel parts was avoided but joints appeared rather thick and it was still necessary to join them with something else. Direct welding of two high strength steel parts was unthinkable. Now, lasers are so precise that it is possible to weld two pieces of any shape without applying filler metals. Laser will develop necessary temperature for effective welding without causing any harm or threat to the surrounding materials.

This is exactly why laser is used in fine welding such as welding microstructures, details, and materials that are not easy to joint using a traditional welder.

Peculiarities of Laser Technology

The uniqueness of a laser is that it can weld high strength elements within a plastic box without harming the latter and without causing major changes to physical qualities of the metal even within the joint.

But, as we’ve mentioned above,the application of lasers is not limited to welding metals only.

Home and Office Laser-Based Devices

Laser engravers are applied by a number of companies to create their unique style or to help other companies develop such. Engravers can be used to make pictures on metals and plastic, in glass and various other materials.

Lasers are capable of focusing so sharply that they can cause micro-destructions inside the structure of the material without interfering with its external layers. The micro destructions are so fine that they can be used for developing and shaping super fine pictures. And this allows making photos in pieces of glass or plastic, as well as engraving pictures on glasses and cups and so on. Powerful and precise, this technology has long left the category of factory equipment and become widespread in many home and office devices.

Could you ever dream of operating a welder? Well, now you can easily do it. Strictly speaking, lasers in modern laser engravers are operated by computers. You only tell the computer what to do. You can find a photo of your favorite dog and have it engraved on your favorite cup. You can have a beautiful picture printed in 3D format inside a piece of glass. You can decorate a glass for your room’s door or the window in your car. In a word, things which used to be achievable only at large factories are now accessible for everyone owning this type of machine. Yet, however unbelievable the results are, the technology, in general, is nothing new. Good old welding redesigned, so to speak.

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