SSC Controls C910-0725 TIG Welding Foot Pedal Review

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With stainless steel, you can make great TIG welds with a scratch start. But when you’re working around aluminum, there’s really no proper substitute for the control of a foot pedal.  Because effective foot control lets you make changes on the fly.

Many welders consider pedals to be the easiest way to make those changes, especially when working on thinner materials that require more finesse. They can be great for tapering amperage towards the end of a weld. But picking one can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to replace a simple stock pedal.

SSC Controls C910-0725 TIG Welding Foot Pedal

Using a proprietary 7-pin connection, this pedal was made specifically for AHP TIG welders. It’s compatible with nearly all newer AHP welders, especially the Alpha series, but also including nearly any model made in the past five years.

With compatibility out of the way, installation is basically plug and play. The C910-0725 includes a 25ft cable, which dwarfs the capacity of stock pedals. But it’s only when you turn to the sensitivity of the pedal that you really get a full appreciation of the differences involved.

Build & Design

In terms of its appearance, the body of this pedal is pretty unremarkable. It measures 8.8 x 5.5 x 3.7-inches and weighs just over five pounds. Its black casing provides a gentle incline for the user’s foot, while also remaining generally low profile, ensuring it can be used in tighter spaces.

Additionally, the topside provides a wide range of traction area for your foot, the result of a whole-surface texture that’s nearly as gripping as 100-grit sandpaper. Pretty good for holding a work boot in place, though it actually might be able to tear up a soft-soled running shoe.

Other Considerations

Not many people run a foot pedal to the end of its operation cycle. The C910-0725 TIG Welding Foot Pedal is rated for a million cycles. Even for someone who’s doing TIG welding on aluminum every day of the week, you can expect at least a decade of performance from this pedal.

To ensure the equipment lasts that long, it includes an America made drawn steel case. The pedal itself is also American made, and includes a one-year warranty from SSC Controls.

Who Should Choose the SSC Controls C910-0725 TIG Welding Foot Pedal?

Poor pedals can be a serious impediment to control. Comfort has an impact on maneuverability, productivity, and eventually even the quality of your weld. A good foot control should feel natural to use, and that’s essentially what these controls provide.

You probably don’t need a pedal this for stainless steel welding. But for working with aluminum, the C910-0725 TIG Welding Foot Pedal might be considered perfect. After you’ve become used to working with responsiveness like this, you really can’t go back to cheap stock pedals.

Its only deficiencies are limited compatibility and restrictive cost. If you’re ready to get exactly what you pay for, then the C910-0725 simple enough to be approachable for beginners, yet powerful enough to be one of the best accessories any experienced individual might add to an AHP welder.

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