Top 10 Welding Gloves Review – Why They’re NOT All Created Equal

In this welding gloves review, I’m going to reveal to you a not so common pitfall that many newbies make when buying welding gloves.

It may not seem important to you because, duh, you need to protect your hands from the sparks generated from MIG welding and arc welding, but also the heat is unbearable with no protection.

And you’ll probably end up with dangerous skin burns if you pick the wrong welding gloves for the wrong welding process. For example, thin welding gloves are much better suited for TIG welding – so long as they protect you from the heat of the arc.

You’ll have more control of the welding torch than you would wearing the oven mitt style gloves favored for stick welding and MIG welding where a flurry of sparks are flying everywhere.

But, there is one welding glove brand that is a huge seller when compared to the rest. I’ll reveal that at the end, and why. For now, just read about these different welding glove options, and see which one suits your needs.


Tillman 50L Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves

These gloves feature an elastic back, helping to keep the gloves from slipping, and they’re a good choice for MIG welding. With split leather palm reinforcements, and fleece lining, they’re not only extremely durable, but they’re very comfortable.


The cow hide is top grain, and the fleece lining will provide protection in hot or cold conditions, without be too heavy. It’s sewn using Kevlar thread, with 4” cuffs to protect your forearms for the avalanche of sparks they will endure.

“Got these for my welding class in high school (mig first semester stick second) and they held up really well and also never got a single hole burned through them with mig spatter.”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $18.95


RAPICCA 662F Leather Forge Welding Gloves

These Rapicca brand gloves come equipped with EXTREME heat resistant. And their guarantee is that they can handle heat as high as 662F. The inner lining is made of cotton for increased softness and feel. The lining is made to absorb any and all sweat you may produce.

These glove are perfect for not only welding, but picking up anything hot. Hot metal, opening BBQ pits, picking up hot coals, or how skillets out of the oven.

The  cuffs are extra long (7.5 inches long) for superior forearm protection from spark showers, flying metal from grinders, BBQ flare ups, and more. The leather is hand selected from thick and soft shoulder cowhide that cannot be punctured, cut, or torn.

They double reinforced the palms and fingers, along with a double thick shielding on the back of the hands. The glove are virtually indeustructable.So, whether you’re working with pointy plants, or having a campfire, these will work great for any situation.

“Nice gloves, I am using them for blacksmithing and they definitely protect your hands. It says they are rated for 662f, which i would assume is the highest temp they can handle without damaging the gloves. However, in my experience they easily protect from sudden and quick exposure to 1600F or more. My hand dimensions are: 8 inches from wrist to middle finger tip, 9 inches from thumb tip to pinky tip. They are quite comfy, a tad oversized but it hasnt been an issue. The only issue i have, which is to be expected, is the loss of dexterity. Dont expect to be able to easily pick up a pencil and start writing. Overall, great quality/value for the price.”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $15.99

KIM YUAN Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Leather Gloves with Kevlar Stitching


These gloves come with a full 90 day money back guarantee. They are so sure you’ll love them, you can buy them at no risk.

They feature EXTREME heat resistance, as the ones before. They only choose leather that passes their thickness test of 1.2mm or above. The cuffs are made of thick denim, giving you full arm protection for temperatures up to 662F.

What makes these unique is that they are made from specific parts of the cowhide that are thick, but soft at the same time, making them very easy to work in while providing superior heat, cut, and puncture resistance.

They use Kevlar thread to ensure that the high heat doesn’t break down the gloves quickly.Kim Yuan has been making leather work gloves for 20+ years. So, they know a thing or two about making high quality welding gloves.

My husband can’t stop talking about these. At this point what he likes best is perfect fit, dexterity is great, and he doesn’t feel like he is wearing something to protect him from fire. He is very happy with them. I have been asked to get another pair, because he never wants to be without these gloves!”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $14.99

NKTM Leather Welding Gloves

These welding gloves are built to provide extreme wear resistance, and heat resistance. The palms are reinforced to provide superior cushioning, and protection from sharp objects.

This premium cowhide leather welding glove is a great fit for not just welding, but bbq’s, gas forging, and any work your trying not to cut your on sharp objects.

“These are the best BBQ/oven gloves ever. Ive tried all sorts of mits/silicone pads/seen on TV. All usually trash, or ill fitting or end up getting way too hot halfway taking the thing out the oven/messing with the coals. These bad boys are legit, and they should be because they are used by men (and women) who are messing with molten metal! never get too hot! No more forearm burns, steam scalds, odd red marks. I wish I would have gotten these years ago. Only caveat is don’t leave them out in the weather… turns out leather doesnt like water. Who knew? Oh yeah I did. On my second pair. Don’t hesitate!”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price $8.98

Tillman 25BL Leather Cuff Split Deerskin Kevlar Sewn Tig Gloves

The lightweight, flexible welding gloves are made from supple deersking. They are much lighter, and more flexible that the oven mitt style gloves. They offer an extended 4” cuff to protect your forearm. Not the 7.5” cuff we see in other gloves.

But, these are perfect for TIG welding, where super long arm cuffs aren’t needed.

They are Kevlar stitched to withstand high heat, and give the gloves some added strength.

These offer significantly better dexterity and feel than heaver hide gloves, but the cost for that dexterity is durability. I was able to slice the palm of these completely through on a rough edge of some stock within the first couple hours of use.”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $13.80

DEKOPRO Welding Gloves

These gloves have good forearm protection, although I’m not sure how long the cuffs are, to give you added protection from sparks. They are reinforced where it matters most, on the stress positions of the gloves, ensuring sturdy performance.

Unlike some of those other Heavy gloves, the light weight of these welding gloves will give you the flexibility you need, with cotton lining inside to absorb sweat and provide maximum comfort.

“They are ok. Some of the stitching is sub standard, but for the price and only expecting them to last one season of welding the price is right.”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $8.99

OZERO Leather Welding Gloves – 932F Heat Resistant

These bad boys take heat resistance to a whole new level. To a tune of 932F.

They’re made of thick cowhide leather, and the inside is made of thick cotton lining, with air-isolation aluminum foil that eliminate hot air from causing heat problems.

They’re a great choice not just for welding, but also for grilling, as oven mitts, handling shart plants, and preventing steam burns. The puncture resistant cowhide makes for an extremely durable glove, combined with a 7.5” cuff to ensure not sparks, no bleeding, and no fuss.

They also come with a rock solid, 90–day money back guarantee. So, if you aren’t happy they will return them with no questions asked.

Initially I was worried that they would not fit because they don’t have different sizes and my hands are big. You can use these for welding or BBQing. You can use them for moving or trimming sharp plants. They will protect your hands and arms. I move agaves in and out of the greenhouse every year and my arms get all scratched up so these will be perfect protection. I’m going to learn how to weld this summer so I’m excited to try them while learning how to weld! The quality of these gloves is really good and the leather is super soft.”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price $14.99

BSX Premium Grain Pigskin Cowhide Back MIG Welding Gloves, Size Medium

These welding gloves have a cotton/foam combination in the thumb area for comfort, and are made from strong pigskin. The backing material is made from premium grade split cowhide, for ultra protection.

Whether you’re grinding and looking for a way to protect your hands, welding with hot sparks, or bbqing with the family, these are a crowd pleaser.

“Well made and protective, but stiffer/bulkier than I expected in mig gloves. They will break in with use.”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $20.95

Steiner 21923-L Shoulder Length Welding Gloves

These gloves might make you feel like cinderella going to a ball, but these 23” gloves will make you feel like you’re ready to go into battle.

Made from only select shoulder split cowhide, these welding gloves are the ultimate in protection. If you’re doing any kind of overhead welding where sparks are showering you, these are fantastic. They are insulated with cotton lining for comfort, and sweat absorption.

And they have foam insulating the back of these gloves. Great welding gloves for anyone working around high heat, working with forges, or just don’t want to get burned.

We bought these for animal handling to avoid scratches, and they are perfect. They go completely over the elbow and halfway over the upper arm. The leather is heavy and the lining is like canvas; very durable.”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $21.96

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather, Blue

Ok, I save the most popular welding gloves for the end. These are the top sellers on Amazon due to their durability, comfort, style, and strength.

They’re lock stitched to provide immense strength, so you don’t have to worry about these coming apart like some cheap models.

“Surprisingly soft on the inside, and they insulate MUCH better than the cheap welding gloves I had from Harbor Freight before this. I use them for blacksmithing/bladesmithing, so I’m handling steel from a 1500+ degree forge with them–obviously, I’m not picking up the glowing bit, but, I can’t feel the warmth of the tongs or ends of the bar stock at all. Here’s hoping they hold up!”

-Real Amazon Buyer

Price: $15.34

I hope you found this review helpful, and I hope you’ll do your own research before you decide to buy these welding gloves.

Happy welding to you!

Garrett Strong

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