The Top 5 Brands in Modern Furniture Of 2019

2019 is almost here, full of new plans, changes, and expectations. With a new year comes new styles that uniquely identify with you, make you beam with pride and increase your self-confidence. This high spirit and energy make 2019 the best time for a home makeover.

It is best to start out the new year with fresh ideas especially when it comes to updating your home’s decor. The beginning of the year is the best time to get great deals than the rest of the year. It’s when people are likely to put-off furniture purchasing until later, so this helps you to land your dream chairs faster and more cheaply. If you’re already in the market, Go Modern with this simple list of must-have brands for 2019.

  1.  Tonelli

Your space will look infinitely bigger and trendy with Tonelli pieces. Their designers always pull off the next-best pieces using different colors and types of glasses. There is no limit to the kind of design you might land with this brand. Further, the glass has no adverse effect to the environment so you can pile up as many pieces as you can without any guilt.

2.  Saba Italia

Gone are the days when buying furniture was an unappealing tiresome task. Sabia Italia makes their pieces so unique that each piece is in perfect harmony with design, texture, fabric, and color. Their models will give your home an artistic and bold statement which is all you need for 2019.

3.  Borzalino

Elegant meets classic design with this brand. Your living room will look like a million bucks with a Borzalino piece. They are made to look extra tall with high backs and long sculpted legs. The fabric choice is all up to you; however, get an electronic image before committing.

4.  Dellarobbia

Their design is a combination of a European feel with the American model. All furniture is in various European fabrics and colors collected in many furniture expos around Europe. Their uniqueness is that you can change the materials to make your room look completely different and new.

5. Jesse

Jesse Furniture is an Italian family line brand with exceptional quality and style. They’ve been in existence since the early 1900s. They use quality wood such as walnut and burnt oak to make storage spaces, chairs and wall units, among other types of furniture.

With the increase in emphasis on small spaces in large cities, Jesse brand will give you the type of furniture that can fit in the exact area you have.


Your 2019 furniture should match your pace in life and unique taste. There is a variety of home fixture and chairs that can help you start again on a high note.

When choosing a brand, many people weigh different options such as cost, quality, color and whether the item matches their interior. While you can alter color, you cannot bargain with quality. Go for the best and let your style follow suit.

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