5 Best Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch Kits for 2024

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Nothing gets you fabricating faster than a cutting torch.

They don’t need electricity and they can go to just about any place.

Safety, quality, and precision matter most, when shopping for a torch.

Bad quality can get you burned if you make a bad choice

These are some of the best oxy acetylene torch kits on the market.

A Quick Comparison

Image Product Details
Best Overall Kit
Victor Performer EDGE 2.0
Victor Performer EDGE 2.0

Cuts up to 6 in

Complete, ready to use

Easy to service

Best Portable Option
Hobart Tag-A-Long
Hobart Tag-A-Long

Cuts up to 3/8"

Very portable

Good on a farm truck

Best Budget Option
Firepower 250 Series
Firepower 250 Series

Cuts up to 5"

It's affordable

Great for beginners

Best DIY Outfit
Harris Ironworker 510 DLX
Harris Ironworker 510 DLX

Cuts up to 5"

Nice storage bag

Top-shelf construction

Best Heavy Duty Kit
Victor Medalist 350
Victor Medalist 350

Cuts up to 6"

Industrial strength

Affordable power

Best Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch Kits

Here's some of the best cutting torch kits we've found on the market:

1. Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit
  • Maximum Cutting: 6" (152.4 mm)
  • Maximum Welding: 1/4 in. (6.4 mm)
  • Hose length: 12.5 feet


  • Shade level 5 goggles
  • Built-in flashback arrestors
  • Heating nozzle included
  • Welding nozzle included
  • Complete kit, ready to use


  • Longer hose needed
  • Goggles are very cheap


The Performer EDGE 2.0 is a complete cutting torch kit with goggles and a few extra parts included. The WH100FC welding handle is designed as the medium-duty base for a versatile, full-range cutting and welding system. It’s capable of using all fuels used in oxyfuel operations for cutting, welding, or heating metal. This handle is equipped with built-in flash arrestors and reverse flow check valves for safety.

ESAB also included the CA1350 cutting attachment, performance-matched specifically to the WH100FC welding handle. The Performer EDGE 2.0 Cutting Torch Kit features Victor Traditional threaded assemblies for fast, easy and affordable servicing.

The Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 Cutting Torch Kit can cut up to 1/2-inch steel right out of the box. With available Victor attachments, this torch can cut steel up to 6 inches thick. As delivered, the Performer gives you 1/4-inch welding capability, and optional attachments can weld steel up to 1/4 in. thick.

2. Hobart Oxy/Acetylene Tag-A-Long Portable Cutting Torch Kit

Hobart Oxy/Acetylene Tag-A-Long Portable Cutting Torch Kit
  • Maximum Cutting: 3/8"
  • Maximum Welding: 1/8"
  • Hose length: 12.5 feet


  • Includes goggles
  • Highly portable
  • Carrier tote
  • Uses Victor tips
  • Great for quick jobs


  • Tanks are small
  • Short hose


The Hobart Oxy/Acetylene Portable Cutting Torch Kit is the perfect set to go on a farm or ranch truck for quick repair work because it weighs under 32 pounds and its integrated carrier tote lets it fit just about anywhere. These qualities also make it a great choice for the home DIY shop. A 12.5-foot hose is a little short with a full-size setup, but this outfit makes the kit easier to store, carry, and put into action.

Hobart designed the Tag-A-Long to be compatible with Victor torches, meaning parts are easy to get and don’t cost a lot. This torch will cut steel up to ⅜-inch thick with the included #0 cutting tip. Wiha Victor #4, you can easily cut up to ½-inch thick, and with larger tanks, you can use a #5 tip to get up to ¾-inch thick without needing bigger hoses.

The #0 welding tip that comes with the Hobart Tag-A-Long lets you weld metal up to ⅛-inch thick, heavy enough for equipment brackets, angle iron structures, and pipe fencing. A Victor #4 tip would give you welding up to ½-inch thickness.

3. Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit

Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit
  • Cuts: 1/8" (3.2 mm) to 5" (127 mm)
  • Welds up to 1/2"
  • Hose length: 12.5 feet


  • Color-coded mixing knobs
  • Victor-compatible tips
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Built-in check valves
  • Affordably priced


  • Made in China
  • Has no tanks


The Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit has built-in reverse-flow check valves. It comes with flashback arrestors in the box. The kit includes a striker, a cutting head, nozzle, and tip with 12.5-foot hoses, and it comes with goggles. Firepower is a Victor brand. Victor is the industry leader for oxyfuel torches, so parts and tips are always easy to find.

This torch welds up to 1/2-inch thick and cuts up to 1/2-inch steel the way it ships. With a bigger cutting tip, the Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit can cut steel up to 5 inches thick. You can weld up to 1/8-inch steel out of the box and up to 1/2-inch metal with extra Victor welding tips.

The Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit has a 12.5-foot hose, a standard length in this price range. It’s less expensive than the other rigs we’ve looked at but doesn’t come with any tanks. That may not be a disadvantage. Some torch kits feature tanks that aren’t DOT-certified. So you can’t have them filled and have to buy or lease tanks.

4. Harris Ironworker 510 DLX Cutting Torch Kit

Harris Ironworker 510 DLX Cutting Torch Kit
  • Cuts up to 5" plate with optional tips
  • Welds 1/8" with supplied tips
  • Welds 1/2" with optional tips
  • Hose length: 20 ft.


  • Made by Lincoln
  • Includes nice tool bag
  • Easy care tips
  • Adjustable lever
  • Forged brass body


  • No flashback arrestors
  • No heating tip


The Harris brand is owned and made by Lincoln Electric. The Harris Ironworker 510 DLX is a high-quality, industrial-strength medium-duty oxy-acetylene torch set that cuts up to 1-inch steel right out of the box. Optional cutting tips can cut up to 5 inches thick. It comes ready to weld 1/8-inch plate steel, and it’s able to weld 1/2-inch steel with optional tips.

The Harris Ironworker 510 DLX is made to rugged industrial standards from forged solid brass, with built-in check valves, but doesn’t come with flash arresters. The cutting lever is designed to flip forward to provide a more ergonomic and solid feel. The 20-foot, 1/4-inch diameter supply hoses provide plenty of reach.

This oxy-acetylene torch comes with shade level 5 glasses, a striker, 20-foot by 1/4″ hose, and an insulated tool bag. The Harris Ironworker 510 DLX is silver-brazed at every joint for outstanding strength and efficient sealing. The two-piece cutting tip is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

5. Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Welding Torch Kit

Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Welding Torch Kit
  • Cuts 3/4" with supplied tips
  • Max cut 6" with optional tips
  • Welds 1/8" with supplied tips
  • Max welds 3" with optional tips
  • Built-in check valves


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Nice long hose
  • Good value for the cost
  • Easy parts availability
  • Proven in the workplace


  • Lacks flashback arrestors
  • Complaints of wrong connectors


The main claims to fame for the Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Cutting System are its heavy-duty nature, its longtime presence in industrial shops, and its affordability for such a rugged piece. This torch will cut up to 3/4″ the way it comes, or 6″ with optional tips. It welds up to 1/8″ steel out of the box, and up to 3″ with optional tips.

ESAB keeps the cost down on this outfit by providing a kit that can be used to upgrade or supplement existing equipment. The Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Cutting System doesn’t come with extra heating or brazing tips, for I stance. You’ll have to get flash arresters separately, or use an existing set. Check valves are built-in.

Overall this is a solid choice oxy-acetylene cutting torch kit for those who require tougher, heavy-duty cutting, in more industrial settings.

Buyer’s Guide

There aren’t many components to a torch outfit. Here are a few key areas to pay attention to.

Torch Body or Handle

The main material used for this purpose is forged brass. Look for high-quality solder joints where the delivery tubes enter and leave the main body.

A torch handle needs to be comfortable for those long shifts. Some have ergonomic designs and larger diameter grips to maintain control and comfort for the long haul.

You need a torch handle that easily allows you to change accessories such as the cutting head, different tips, and custom levers. Built-in flashback arresters can drive the price up, but not as much as buying flashback arresters separately. Anti-flashback check valves are another item that can be added to improve safety concerns.

Your Hose

Hoses usually come as a double hose, molded side by side. There’s likely a green side and a red side. The green side is for oxygen. It would help if you got the longest hose you can. It’s tough enough to weld well without having to stop and reposition your gear frequently.

Hoses are graded according to fuel type. Grades R & RM are suitable only for acetylene and T grade for Acetylene and Propane.

Don’t Forget Your Tanks

Some outfits include small tanks, but one or both tanks may not have DOT certification stamped into them, meaning they cannot be transported when full. Some welder supply shops will exchange the tanks or certify them, but the cost of tanks has to be considered regardless.


Some of the small extras in your cutting torch kit can matter if you’re in a hurry to light off that new torch. A lot of cutting kits include goggles now. Another useful accessory is the striker to light the torch. Matches and lighters aren’t suitable for this purpose from a safety standpoint.

Torch Makers Matter

Victor, Smith, and Harris make the vast majority of torches on the market. All have been bought in recent years by other welder companies.

Miller bought Smith, ESAB acquired Victor, and Lincoln picked up Harris. Different torch makers use different systems for the cutting and welding torch tips. Smith is using Victor’s tips in at least some cases. Victor dominates the market for torch parts, and many makers use Victor’s tips.

Wrapping Up

After exploring the market, considering carefully, and asking torch owners, we’re recommending the Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 as the best choice for most people.

The Victor Medalist 350 is battle-proven and well suited to harsh industrial environments where torches are most commonly used for anyone who needs a heavy-duty torch.

The Firepower 250 tops our list for the best budget choice or for beginners.