Best Shirt for Welding – Long Sleeve & Fire Resistant

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Only your hands are closer to the welding action than your arms and torso.

Your hands have gloves, but you must protect your chest and arms.

You need a welding shirt that meets the hazards of the welding environment.

Sparks and spatter can burn holes and fire is always a possibility

We’ve searched around for the best welding shirts to secure your welding safety here in one place.

Check out the list below and let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations.

A Quick Comparison

Image Product Details
Black Stallion FS7-KHK
Black Stallion FS7-KHK



Meets ASTM 1506

Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt
Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt

Flip-up collar

Reinforced shoulders

Durable and breathable

Carhartt FRS003 Twill
Carhartt FRS003 Twill



Good for summer use

Wrangler Riggs FR
Wrangler Riggs FR

Fits true to size

Has a pencil pocket

Good for summer


Good uniform shirt

Nomex thread

Pleat in back

Best Welding Shirts

Here's a list of some of the best shirts for welding we found:

1. Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK PR Cotton Welding Shirt

Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK PR Cotton Welding Shirt
  • 100 percent cotton
  • 7 ounce FR treated fabric
  • Flaps on pockets
  • Metal snap fasteners
  • Relaxed fit


  • Sizes S to 4X
  • Long tail stays tucked
  • Meets ASTM F1506 standard
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in gray or brown


  • Fabric is stiff
  • Not a high collar


The Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK FR Flame Resistant Cotton Work Shirt comes in sizes from Small to XXXX-Large, a wider range than most shirts. It’s made of 7 ounce fabric and comes in brown or gray. It’s cut from 100 percent cotton, treated for flame resistance. It comes with an extra long tail so it stays tucked in.

Because it’s lighter than other shirts, it does breathe better than most, making it a good choice during the summer. The Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK FR Flame Resistant Cotton Work Shirt meets ASTM 1506 standards for flame resistance, meaning it’s acceptable for use in a lot of shops regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as well as common safety requirements in many industrial shops.

It doesn’t have a very high collar, but it can be turned up if needed because this is a stiff shirt even though it’s lightweight. The Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK FR Flame Resistant Cotton Work Shirt is a relaxed fit design, but owners sometimes report that it’s tight in the shoulders and the sleeves aren’t as long as others the same size.

2. Lincoln Electric Flame Resistant Welding Shirt

Lincoln Electric Flame Resistant Welding Shirt
  • 9 ounce FR fabric
  • Made of cotton
  • Pockets have flaps
  • Metal fastening snaps
  • Layered reinforcement


  • Anti-static treated
  • Multi-button sleeve cuffs
  • Reinforced flip-up collar
  • Anti-mildew treated
  • Reinforced button strip


  • Shrinks when washed
  • Stiff material


The Lincoln Electric K3113 FR Welding Shirt is one of the favorite shirts seen where welders are working. It’s made of 100 percent FR cotton with a 9 ounce rating. It comes with metal fasteners, including a multiple button closure on the sleeve cuffs. The chest pockets are roomy and feature good-sized flaps with metal snap fastening.

There is extra reinforcement on this shirt for more durability. The Lincoln Electric K3113 FR Welding Shirt has reinforced shoulders, neck, sleeve cuffs and collar. Each of these areas feature layered construction for added protection as well as longer wear. This adds strength where it’s most needed while leaving good breathability in the main torso area where you need to stay cool.

The Lincoln Electric K3113 FR Welding Shirt incorporates anti-mildew and anti-static treatments in addition to the flame resistant treatment. The collar is designed to flip up for better neck protection when you need it. This shirt will shrink when first washed, so you need to take that into account when deciding which size to buy. The tail is longer on the larger sizes to improve overall fit.

3. Carhartt Flame Resistant Lightweight Welding Shirt

Carhartt Flame Resistant Lightweight Welding Shirt
  • 88/12 cotton/nylon blend
  • 6 ounce twill
  • Anti-odor treatment
  • ATPV rating of 8.7
  • Standard button fasteners


  • Machine washable
  • Button-flap pockets
  • Two-button sleeve cuffs
  • Work-Dry moisture wicking
  • Lightweight materiala


  • Sizes run large
  • Buttons are plastic


Made from 6 ounce twill fabric, the Carhartt FRS003 Flame Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt is a lightweight, breathable shirt that’s suitable for summer wear. While no shirt is going to be nice and cool when you’re welding in the heat, this one can at least make it bearable. It has anti-odor treatment that keeps it fresh, and it’s machine washable so it’s easy to take care of. This material features Carhartt’s “Work-Dry” moisture wicking system too.

The Carhartt FRS003 Flame Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt features an ATPV rating of 8.7, which is an outstanding rating for a 6 ounce fabric. This is a direct result of going with a blend of 88 percent cotton, 12 percent nylon rather than a straight cotton fabric. It’s often reported that Carhartt sizes run large for a lot of their equipment, and this shirt is no exception.

This shirt has button-down flaps on the generous chest pockets and double button cuffs. The button fasteners throughout the Carhartt FRS003 Flame Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt are a potential problem because they’re plastic rather than wood or shell, so they could melt.

4. Wrangler Riggs Workwear FR Long Sleeve Welding Shirt

Wrangler Riggs Workwear FR Long Sleeve Welding Shirt
  • 100 percent cotton
  • ATPV rating 9.2
  • Nomex thread
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Button flap pockets


  • Relaxed fit
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Good uniform shirt
  • Pocket has a pencil slot


  • Plastic buttons
  • Stiff material


The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s FR Flame Resistant Long Sleeve welding shirt is one of the standard shirts found in industry shops of every type. This is a 100 percent cotton shirt. The Arc Thermal Protection Value (ATPV) is 9.2 calories/square centimeter. It’s sewed with Nomex thread and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Wrangler shirts are well-known for a good fit. The Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s FR Flame Resistant Long Sleeve welding shirt uses button fasteners, usually more secure than snaps in the event of a snag, but the disadvantage is that these buttons are plastic instead of leather, wood, shell or similar non-melting material.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s FR Flame Resistant Long Sleeve welding shirts are lightweight and breathe well, but the material is a bit stiff until the shirts have been washed a lot to soften them. This design has two roomy pockets on the chest with button flaps. One chest pocket also features a smaller, internal pocket intended for pencils and scribes. The style of this shirt lends itself well to use as a uniform shirt and it has a relaxed fit.

5. LAPCO IGR7 Lightweight Cotton Flame Resistant Work Shirt

LAPCO IGR7 Lightweight Cotton Flame Resistant Work Shirt
  • 100 percent FR cotton
  • 7 ounce fabric rating
  • Double needle stitching
  • Four-row stitching on button strip
  • Nomex thread


  • Snap button fasteners
  • Button-down collar
  • Moisture Management treatment
  • Back pleat for free movement
  • Made for uniforms


  • Plastic buttons
  • Inconsistent fit


Made of 100 percent cotton twill with an HRC Category 2 rating, the LAPCO IGR7 Lightweight 100-Percent Cotton Flame Resistant Work Shirt is another frequently seen shirt anywhere welders are found. This shirt has double needle stitching throughout. The front button strip features four rows of stitching for security and strength. The fabric is a breathable 7 ounce grade that’s lightweight.

The LAPCO IGR7 Lightweight 100-Percent Cotton Flame Resistant Work Shirt features Nomex thread in its construction and has button closures. The collar also buttons down for a no-nonsense look. The buttons are a good choice to keep the shirt closed in the event you catch it on something, but plastic buttons can melt. Some owners report that this shirt isn’t always true to size, with some reports stating that they bought several shirts that were both too large and too small for the sizing.

One of the great things about this shirt is the pleat in the back panel for easier movement. The LAPCO IGR7 Lightweight 100-Percent Cotton Flame Resistant Work Shirt also incorporates LAPCO’s “Moisture Management” treatment process to keep the shirt dry, cool and breathable.

Buyer’s Guide

Welding shirts serve a specific purpose in the personal protective equipment arsenal.

FR stands for “fire resistant” or “flame resistant” and does NOT MEAN “fireproof.”

These thin materials can still catch fire, but they resist catching fire, slowing the process down long enough to let you get to safety or remove the garment in time to avoid or minimize injury.

When shopping for a good welding shirt, these are the things to keep in mind:

Workplace Safety Standards

Governments, insurance companies and large corporations have established certain standards to make it easier to quickly make sure workers and their workplace are reasonably safe.

ATPV Rating: ATPV stands for Arc Thermal Protection Value and it’s measured in calories of heat resisted per square centimeter for a period of 2 seconds. For instance, an ATPV of 6 would mean that a shirt can resist catching fire when subjected to a heat level of 6 calories/square cm for 2 seconds IN THE LABORATORY. This amount of time could vary in the workplace, either longer or shorter. The idea is to buy time for you to notice something is happening and take steps to eliminate the hazard.

ASTM 1506: The American Safety Testing and Materials Society sets many standards for electrical resistance and fire safety for garments and equipment worn for protection in the workplace. ASTM 1506 lays out the ATPV standards and defines the HRC or Hazard Resistance Category for particular workplace concerns.

FR: This is the HRC category for flame resistance and you want garments with an HRC rating of 2. Shirts with an “FR” tag clearly sewn into the seams meet the standard. To meet thisa standard, shirts resist flame for 2 seconds, limit damage to a six-inch length of charring and maintain these standards for over 25 consecutive washes.

Design Features for Welding Shirts

There are certain aspects of welding shirt design that may differ from normal shirts.

  • Nomex thread
  • Long sleeves
  • Multiple cuff fasteners
  • Treated fabric
  • Natural materials like cotton, denim and twill and wood, bone, leather or shell for buttons
  • Heavier weight fabric
  • Heavy-duty buttons or snaps
  • Flaps on front pockets
  • Longer shirt tails to stay tucked

Additional Considerations

Along with the specialized requirements for welding shirts, the standard checklist of items for any work shirt also apply. This can vary person to person, but as long as the above features and standards are met by the shirt, you’ll want a few normal work shirt details.

Breathability to help keep you cool in a hot work environment
Double stitching to keep the hems from fraying
Moisture-wicking to keep you dry
Fabric treatments for mildew, static or stain resistance
Appearance that’s consistent with the rest of a work uniforms
Appropriate colors and styling

Review Summary

We recommend the Revco Black Stallion FS7-KHK FR Shirt for its standards conformance, quality construction, good owner reports and reasonable price range.

We also like the Lincoln Electric K3113 FR and the Carhartt FRS003 Shirt in their price range, considering the stellar reputation enjoyed by each, across the welding landscape in general.

The other shirts in this roundup will also suit your needs quite well, and for an additional budget choice, we’d go with the LAPCO IGR7 FR for its Nomex thread, four row front stitching and the back pleat for comfort.

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