Revco Industries BM88 Welding Gloves Review

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Choosing the right pair of welding gloves is about comfort, dexterity, safety, and lasting power. Depending on the project you’re working on, you may find you need different gloves for different tasks. But for MIG welding, sometimes the simplest solutions are your best option.

Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 Pig Skin MIG Welding Gloves

The Revco BSX BM88 are an attempt to strike a balance between value-oriented pricing and above-average material construction. The majority of these gloves is composed of soft grain pigskin. Though preferable to cheap synthetics, soft grain leather is inherently imperfect.

In addition to its pigskin body, the palm and outer-cuff of each glove is composed from a durable split cowhide. The extra material padding the palm is quite useful for generating grip strength, as well as good for the endurance of the glove.

Comfort and Durability

Revco gave some fancy names to their reinforced design, like Rest Patch technology. It really just means the pinky-side and wrist portion of the glove are intended to take more wear-and-tear. More relevant to comfort is the fleece-like lining inside the glove. The lining is somewhat thin, which is good because it helps you maintain your dexterity.

Perhaps most importantly of all, these hides are stitched together with the assistance of flame-resistant Kevlar fiber. It’s this stitching that ensures Revco’s Pig Skin MIG Welding Gloves can endure splatter and burns without breaking a sweat, or without falling apart on you.

MIG Welding Gloves vs. Alternatives

MIG welding doesn’t create as much heat as using a stick, so welders tend to prefer a pliable glove, typically using a thinner lining to facilitate that purpose.

While top grain leather is your best choice for comfort because it will gradually mold to your hand with regular use, it’s typically not an economical choice. Soft grain pigskin doesn’t have the same smooth flawless surface; neither is it quite as durable as more expensive alternatives.

But at the end of the day, it’s still leather, and it still performs as well as any well-made leather product. Additionally, of all your material options, pigskin gloves are the most resistant to chemicals, oils, and weather.

Other Considerations

You have to keep in mind these are welding gloves, they’re not insulated to the point you want to hold hot objects for lengthy periods of time. With that limitation in mind, it’s fair to say these gloves are pretty versatile.

They even make pretty good motorcycle gloves because they’re comfortable, and fundamentally protective, and they don’t get in the way of your dexterity. Gloves made specifically for MIG welding often don’t allow the flexibility to swap to other welding projects, let alone take them out for a ride.

Who Should Choose Revco Industries Extreme Pig Skin MIG Welding Gloves?

Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 Extreme Pig Skin MIG Welding Gloves are available in four sizes, ranging between extra small and extra-large. They’re windproof, generally warm, and they don’t get in the way of your dexterity.

For MIG welding, you’ll probably find these gloves quite versatile. They’re not going to provide enough heat protection for sensationally hot projects, but kept inside their wheelhouse, it’s hard to conclude the BM88 Pig Skin MIG Welding Gloves are anything but a bargain.

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