Hobart 770568 Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Jacket Review

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Anyone involved in hazardous work should be concerned with safety. And it shouldn’t be surprising that welding can place plenty of hazards in your way. Operating instruments lit by sparks, and holding flames capable of chewing through metal, it’s generally a good idea to keep flammable things away from an active welder.

That’s precisely why a good welding jacket is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment any welder can own. But it can be tough to spot a good welding jacket until you’ve got it in your hands.

Hobart 770568 Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Jacket

Jackets like the 770568 are made to protect from heat, splatter, and similar exposures to the byproducts of flame which you might encounter during welding. If its name didn’t give it away, this jacket is also flame resistant.

Choosing protective clothing has always been tough. Often times, it feels like protection precedes comfort a big way. Given the heated environments that welders often find themselves inside, it’s not too surprising that these jackets tend to create their own heat issues.

Build & Design

The Hobart 770568 is constructed from cowhide split leather lined with cotton. It’s a construction aimed at helping this jacket work as a compromise between indoor and outdoor use. The general idea is to help the jacket breathable enough to be used in warmer environments, the sort of environments you might find yourself in while an intensely hot flame.

But the full-sleeve coverage of this jacket doesn’t only protect from injury, it serves to make the 770568 reasonably warm for working in colder environments. That allows you to take the 770568 between indoor and outdoor jobs without breaking a sweat, literally.

Aesthetics & Quality

Aesthetically speaking, the 770568 is dark gray, and looks look a fairly ordinary work shirt. If you were looking to criticize this jacket, just about the worst thing you could say is it lacks any distinctive style.

It’s really only distinguished by the Hobart logo on its front side. Though this could put you at risk of strangers believing your name is Hobart, it doesn’t do much to detract from the appearance of the jacket, nor its fireproof protection.

Until you have it in your hands, it’s tough to gauge the density of the fabric. Its thickness feels almost like canvas, though the Hobart 770568 still weighs only about one pound. That’s relatively lightweight for a welding jacket, and having a slightly lighter jacket is the kind of difference you can easily come to appreciate over the course of a day.

Who Should Choose the Hobart 770568?

For welders searching for an XXL jacket, the Hobart 770568 Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Jacket is arguably the best value on the market right now. It provides the kind of adaptable protection that most people need in most circumstances, and with a price that’s surprisingly less expensive than a regular jacket.

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