6 Best Multi-Process Welders Under $1000

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Multi-process welders have become popular over the years as they offer convenience and have become more reliable.

However, finding one under $1000 can be a challenge with so many new options on the market.

We have taken a look at all the popular brands to offer you a selection of the best ones in the sub-$1000 bracket.

While there are many more available on the market, we believe our picks best serve the needs of most welders.

Let’s take a look…

A Quick Comparison

Image Product Details
Best 5-in-1 Multi-process welder
YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200
YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200

MIG/Flux/TIG/Stick/Plasma Cutter

Clean 4.3” Digital display

Dual-voltage input

Popular choice for most people
Eastwood Elite MP200I
Eastwood Elite MP200I

Spot weld timer

Dual-voltage input

Digital display

WeldPro MIG155GSV
WeldPro MIG155GSV

Dual 120/240 volt input

2T/4T trigger lock

Includes regulatorb

Cheap option for beginners
YesWelder MIG-205DS
YesWelder MIG-205DS

2T/4T trigger lock

Dual-voltage power


Portable & heavy duty option
Lincoln Electric LE31MP
Lincoln Electric LE31MP

120-volt convenience

MIG weld aluminum

TIG, MIG, stick, flux core

Titanium Unlimited 200
Titanium Unlimited 200


2T/4T trigger lock

Includes TIG torch

6 Best Multi-Process Welders Under $1000

Here's some of the best multi-process welders you can pick up for under $1000

1. YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200 5-in-1 Multi Process Welder

YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200 5-in-1 Multi Process Welder
  • The only 5 in 1 Multi-process welder on the market
  • Synergic MIG controls for automatic arc adjustments
  • High-end digital display with advanced settings
  • Supports 7018/6011/6010 electrodes
  • Welding output 20-200A, Plasma 20-40A
  • Lightweight and portable at 28.55 lbs


  • Excellent MIG arc quality
  • Great plasma cutter abilities
  • Outputs a lot of power even at 110V input
  • It comes with everything included
  • Supports 10 memory settings
  • High duty cycle at 60% with maximum output


  • No spool gun support for aluminum
  • Wire feed speed can’t be manually adjusted


The YesWelder Firstess MP200 is the best multi-process welder under the $1000 mark. It packs so many features that no machine can match it at this price range. But most importantly, it’s the only multi-process unit with a plasma cutter.

This is a hobbyist-grade multi-process welder with dual voltage support. Most people will run it at 110V because you will rarely need the full 220V power. That’s because it outputs 160A of welding power and 30A for plasma at 110V. But it welds at 200A and cuts at 40A with a 220V input.

It supports DC Lift TIG, Synergic MIG, Flux-core, stick, and plasma cutting. You can easily modify each process’s behavior on the 4.3” front display with many advanced settings. The MP200 supports pre/post flow time, 2T/4T, burn back, and other useful adjustments. Plus, you can save your settings and recall them whenever you want.

Overall the MP200 is ideal for DIY and new welders who want to experience as all processes. You can usually find this welder on offer, however, if you can’t, just use the coupon code: WELDGURU10 for 10% off.

2. Eastwood Elite MP200I Multi Process Welder

Eastwood Elite MP200I Multi Process Welder
  • MIG, TIG and stick weld
  • Dual-voltage input
  • Spot weld timer
  • All-metal wire drive
  • Weighs 34 pounds


  • Can MIG weld aluminum
  • Includes gas regulator
  • Trafimet EP24 MIG gun
  • WP-17v TIG torch
  • Fits 4- and 8-inch spools
  • Optional spool gun


  • Scratch start TIG
  • Not footpedal-ready


The Eastwood Elite MP200i Multi-Process Welder is a 3-in-1 welder that lets you work 22 gauge sheet metal and will go all the way up to 3/8-inch steel plate. It’s a dual-voltage machine that runs on either 120 or 240 volts. The MIG and TIG hit 90 amps and stick mode 70 amps on 120 volts. Stick mode will go to 170 amps on 240 and MIG/TIG processes reach 200 amps each.

This welder offers a great feature for sheet metal work. It’s got a spot-welding timer that lets you duplicate factory spot welds on automotive and appliance projects. This feature lends an important professional detail to this type of project. Digital displays and infinitely adjustable settings dials give you precision control over your power levels. An optional spool gun lets you weld aluminum in MIG mode.

If you don’t need this much power, want to save some cash or don’t have 220-volt capability, you might be better served by the Eastwood Elite MP140i, also a MIG/TIG/stick machine but powered on 110-volt household current, able to handle steel up to 3/16-inch thick and with many of the same features. The Elite MP140i also includes the spot-welding timer.

3. WeldPro MIG155GSV Inverter Multi Process Welder

WeldPro MIG155GSV Inverter Multi Process Welder
  • DC stick, MIG, flux core
  • 30-155 amps output
  • Free of electromagnetic noise
  • Dual 120/240-volt power
  • 24 gauge sheet to 3/8-inch steel


  • TIG-capable with additional parts
  • Comes with a gas regulator
  • 2T/4T trigger function
  • Infinitely adjustable wire feed/current level
  • Includes stick arc electrode clamp


  • Only uses 4-inch, 2-pound spools
  • Some reports of wire feeding issues


The WeldPro MIG155GSV Inverter Multi Process Welder offers advanced features like infinitely adjustable heat level and wire feed speed control and automatic settings control that changes your settings dynamically as you weld to maintain favorable arc characteristics. On 120-volt power you can run up to 140 amps to reach 3/16-inch thick capability. On 240-volt power it can reach 155 amps, enough to get you welding 1/4-inch steel plate.

Although this welder can be set up to run as a TIG machine if you purchase a proper TIG torch, regulator and some argon, you’re going to be scratch-starting the arc and there’s no provision for a heat control pedal. With MIG and flux core, users love this machine’s performance. The WeldPro MIG155GSV Inverter Multi Process Welder gets high praise for smooth welding and good penetration.

On the downside, the WeldPro MIG155GSV Inverter Multi Process Weldera only mounts the smaller 4-inch wire spools for MIG and flux core use. As a stick welder, this machine lets you run 6011 sticks with ease, as well as 7018 rods.The dynamic arc settings control system makes for a smooth and easy arc when stick welding.

4. YesWelder MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder

YesWelder MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder
  • Compact size
  • Auto adjusting MIG arc
  • Flux core/TIG/MIG/stick
  • 110V/220V dual-input
  • Trigger lock 2T/4T


  • Single button mode select
  • Digital displays
  • Flip-up cover
  • Lift start TIG arc
  • Light 33 pounds


  • TIG/MIG torches extra
  • Only takes 4-inch wire spools
  • No aluminum welding


The YesWelder MIG-205DS MIG/flux core/TIG/stick Welder features dual digital displays and dynamically modified arc control in MIG mode. This is called synergic settings or synergic arc control, and it modifies the arc settings while you weld to maintain good arc quality under
changing conditions. This machine has TIG, MIG, flux core and stick welding on tap, all chosen easily by a single digital button on the control panel.

One issue with the YesWelder MIG-205DS MIG/flux core/TIG/stick Welder as shipped is that it doesn’t include a TIG torch (full review here), but it does come with a MIG gun and an electrode clamp for stick mode. The TIG mode is a true lift-type arc start. YesWelder designed this machine with a plastic dust cover that flips up to protect the digital control panel from the hazardous welding environment, a thoughtful feature.

The YesWelder MIG-205DS MIG/flux core/TIG/stick Welder is equipped with a 2T/4T trigger lock to enable making long welding runs without hand fatigue. It’s not compatible with a spool gun, so you can’t use the MIG for aluminum. Aluminum electrodes can be used to arc weld aluminum if you really want to.

5. Lincoln Electric LE31MP Multi-Process Welder

Lincoln Electric LE31MP Multi-Process Welder
  • Solid aluminum wire drive
  • Convenient 120 volt power
  • Stick, MIG, DC TIG, flux core
  • Torch connections are brass
  • 30-140 amps output


  • Highly portable MP welder
  • Can MIG weld aluminum
  • 24 gauge sheet to 3/16-inch steel
  • Adjustable drive spring
  • Tension indicator on spool
  • Internal TIG gas solenoid
  • Comes with a regulator


  • Scratch start, not lift arc
  • TIG torch/pedal not included
  • Spool gun not included


The Lincoln Electric LE31MP Multi-Process Welder features an internal gas solenoid for the TIG process and also includes a regulator for MIG shielding gas. This machine features MIG, TIG, stick and flux core processes, all with the convenience of 120-volt household power. It comes with a solid aluminum, adjustable drive mechanism and accepts both 4-inch and 8-inch spools.

While the TIG process on this machine receives high praise from owners, the Lincoln Electric LE31MP Multi-Process Welder doesn’t come with TIG equipment and you’ll need to buy your TIG torch and heat control pedal separately (full LE31MP review here). It’s not only the TIG process that owners like. Users offer similar praise for the MIG, flux and stick processes as well. This welder is a favorite in fabrication shops for quick work like tack jobs and tight work such as exhaust systems and building custom headers.

The Lincoln Electric LE31MP Multi-Process Welder comes with a 3-year warranty. Lincoln is one of the premier welding brands, seen just about anywhere there is welding going on. With an output range of 30-140 amps, you can work on 24-gauge sheet metal up to 3/16-inch thick steel plate. And with this machine, you can do it with any generator bigger than 4KW output.

6. Titanium Unlimited 200 Multi Process Welder

Titanium Unlimited 200 Multi Process Welder
  • Digital display
  • MIG, TIG, flux core and stick
  • MIG gun and TIG torch
  • All-metal drive system
  • Dual 120/240-volt input


  • Only weighs 24 pounds
  • Spool gun-ready
  • 24-gauge sheet to 38-inch steel
  • 2T/4T Trigger Lock
  • Mounts both 2- and 10-pound spools


  • TIG process is scratch-start
  • Not footpedal-capable


Recently, Harbor Freight has added more American-made products and changed its tool offerings to a three-tier structure with inexpensive tools, better tools and “best” tools and quality competitive to famous brands. The Titanium Unlimited 200 Multi Process Welder is dual-voltage input capable, ready to run on either 120 volts or 240 volts. It can put out from 30 to 140 amps on 120 volts and up to 200 amps on 240-volt power.

The Titanium Unlimited 200 Multi Process Welder is in the middle of Harbor Freight’s price structure and offers MIG/TIG/stick/flux-core, inductance setting to control MIG bead width and a digital display. It’s got an all-metal wire drive and includes a TIG torch as well as a MIG gun. This welder only weighs 24 pounds and it’s compact enough to get into pretty tight spots.

Although the TIG process is DC and not suitable for aluminum, the MIG portion of the machine is spool gun-ready and all you have to do is buy one and plug in for aluminum capability. It’s a scratch-start TIG, but owners say it does a good job at TIG welding and it’s also got a 2T/4T trigger lock to make those long bead runs less tiring.

Rounding It Up

As an affordable, professional-quality triple threat welder, the Eastwood Elite MP200i multi-process welder is our selection under 1000 bucks. With great MIG and stick performance, this machine can do whatever you need done in the shop, and it includes everything you need to get started except the gas supply. The ability to add TIG capabilities seals the deal on this high-quality machine.

We also like the YesWelder MIG205DS and the Titanium Unlimited 200 multi process welders as great choices for good value buys, both coming way under the $1000 mark. Each has the ability to get you up and welding fast, with more to offer down the road as your skills and needs dictate.

For a ready-to-go, proven professional-grade welder with the convenience of a big-name brand, with a nationwide service network and parts available in most communities, the Lincoln Electric LE31MP is your choice, but Harbor Freight also has a store near you somewhere, so the 200 does offer another alternative in this regard.

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