Yeswelder MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder – Is It Worth the Low Price?

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Price keeps many small workshops from adding a multi-welder. Or, you may be shopping for an inexpensive backup welder. In either situation,  you might be forced to consider those budget-friendly, imported welders we have all seen. 

In this category of low-cost multi-welders, you may have come across the Yeswelder MIG-205DS. It sports an attractive price tag. But is it worth it?

Well, the 205DS arrives with the ability to MIG, flux core, and stick weld. Plus, you can add DC TIG welding as an option. You also get a number of features packed into this lightweight, compact unit, like the ability to use 110V or 220V. 

On the surface, the YesWelder 205DS looks like a versatile multi-welder, and on paper, it offers a lot at a fraction of the price of more expensive, name-brand machines. It seems like a contradiction as we all know, you get what you pay for.

So, we did some digging to learn what we could about this interesting machine, so you don’t have to. Below you will find a detailed review of the good and the bad for this multi-welder that offers many features while working with tight budgets. 

Quick Overview of The MIG-205DS

What’s Included

  • 10′ Mig Gun
  • 10′ Electrode holder and Cable with 35-50 quick connector
  • 10′ Earth clamp and Cable with 35-50 quick connector
  • American gas hose
  • (1) 0.030″ & (1) 0.035″ contact tips
  • 110V/220V Adapter
  • Hammer & Brush

Technical Specifications

Manufactured In China
Processes MIG / Flux Core / Stick / Lift DC TIG
Display Dual, flip display
Input Voltage 110v / 220v
Duty Cycle 60% (220v and 200 A) 
100% (220v and 154 A)
Amperage MIG/Flux-cored: 
30–160 A (110v)
30-200 (120v)
20–140 A (110v)
20-180V (220v)
Voltage/Amperage Control Preset (with +/- adjustment)
Wire Feed Speed Control Preset (with +/- adjustment)
Weldable Materials Mild & Stainless Steel
Material Thickness  .037 – .787 in. (.037 – ¼ in. in a single pass)
MIG Wire Thickness 0.030 – 0.035 in. solid wire
(0.023 with purchase of optional roller)
0.035 – 0.040 in. flux-cored wire
MIG Wire Feed Speed Preset: 80 – 590 ipm
Electrode Sizes (Stick) up to 5/32 in.
Wire Spool Sizes 2. and 10 lb. rolls
Spool Gun Ready
Welder Dimensions (H x W x L) 14.2 in. x 7.9 in. x 18.5 in.
Weight Shipped: 33 lbs.
Core unit: 22 lbs.
Warranty 1 year
Price Check now on Yeswelder
(10% discount. Code: WELDGURU10)

Pros & Cons of the MIG-205DS


  • Low price
  • Uses either 110V or 220V power supply
  • Ready to MIG, stick, and flux core weld out of the box
  • Gas-on button to set up the regulator
  • Wire feed button to aid in tip setup
  • 2T and 4T MIG welding
  • Dedicated 100% CO2 setting
  • Lift DC TIG option
  • Inductance setting can be fine-tuned to adjust arc quality
  • Compact and light
  • Carry handle makes it easy to move around
  • Dust cover to protect the control panel
  • Set gas type, wire thickness, and stock thickness, and the weld settings are automatically adjusted
  • Fine-tuning of the welding presets is possible


  • No consumables included
  • Fan is constantly on and can be annoying when not welding.
  • Many of the units in mm, not inches
  • DC only TIG, will not TIG weld aluminum
  • No weld settings chart printed on the machine
  • No TIG torch included
  • Cannot use a foot pedal with TIG welding process
  • Need your own gas regulator
  • Inverter technology worries some about longevity
  • Case metal is a bit thin to hold up to dings and dents if using it as a portable welder

What You Should Know Before Buying The MIG-205DS

No Consumables

Yeswelder kept things sparse with the consumables you get in the box. You get no wire, no stick electrodes, and just a couple of tips (one 0.030 and one 0.035 to precise). When it comes to consumables, you must buy those separately.

The good news is that you can buy electrodes and welding wire directly from them which pretty good value.

TIG Welding

While this unit is DC TIG ready, there is no TIG torch in the box. So, you must purchase one in addition to buying the welder if you want to DC TIG with this welder.

Also, the YesWelder MIG-205DS uses a lift TIG technique, only. This welder cannot accept a foot pedal.

Need Your Own Regulator

Another item you have to supply on your own, the gas regulator. While you do get a gas hose, the regulator is not included. They have their own branded regulator found here which I’m told works well.

No Welding Aluminum

Since this welder cannot AC TIG, you may think you can MIG weld aluminum if you need to. Alas, this unit is not spool gun ready.  But, running solid aluminum wire through the wire feed system is possible if you know what you are doing.

In short, you should not buy this welder if you are going to be welding aluminum for the first time. But with some trial and error, you can learn to run aluminum wire through the wire feed system, if you are patient and can deal with a problem or two every now and then.

User Manual/Welding Guide

Do not expect much from the user manual. It is short, poorly written, and contains far less information than someone new to welding will need. 

The chart commonly printed on the inside of the wire drive door is also missing, which makes the welder harder to use, even with presets programmed into the unit. 

You should anticipate some internet time to learn how to set and use your new welder. The good news is this welder is popular, so there are plenty of videos to watch. Plus, there are charts made by other users that you can download.

Also, many users find the settings for similar Miller welders provide a good starting point for your settings.

Metric Units

When you enter your stock thickness, you must enter it in millimeters. There is no mm to inch conversion chart supplied. So, you will have to convert on your own.

Euro Dinse Connectors

The leads use the shorter “Euro” dinse connectors to plug into the unit. They work fine, but they are a bit shorter. If you have some older leads with a slightly longer connector, they will not fit into the YesWelder MIG-205DS.

If in the future you need to add extensions or swap out the ground or torch, just make sure you get the Euro, shorter dinse connector (dinse 35-50). 

Inverter Technology

The use of inverter technology allows this machine to weigh less and be compact. It also supplies 200A of power output from a compact welder, with a 60% duty cycle. That is technically a top feature, however, there is one “but” you should know.

While inverter technology works well, you may hear some welders say only time will tell if this technology is durable. So far, the answer appears to be yes, but to be fair this technology is newer compared to some older designs (e.g. transformers).

Top Features of The MIG-205DS


At half the price of some competing welders, this a value buy by any measure. But do not forget to add in the missing gas regulator, consumables, and optional TIG torch/accessories that you may have to buy separately.

Synergic Welder (“Presets”)

The wire feed speed (“WFS”) is adjusted automatically on this machine based on the voltage/amps. But you do have the ability to tweak the preset WFS up or down a bit.

Also, the volts and amps are programmed into the welder in relation to one another. As you turn the dial, the volts and the amps will change together (and the WFS is adjusted automatically).

That means there is only one knob and some buttons to worry about. The name used for this style of welder is “synergic” and it makes getting started easy and fast once you get it down.

But most will find some “fine-tuning” of the presets make your welds even better. Fortunately, the machine allows you to adjust the attributes individually up or down. In general, most users find this unit runs a bit hot and the volts need to be tweaked down a little.

Arc Quality

The arc on the Yeswelder MIG-205DS impresses most. In fact, with a little experience, you can also keep the spatter to a minimum. Even experienced welders consider the arc quality found on this unit a strong point.

To fine-tune the arc, this unit also lets you adjust the inductance setting. This lets you smooth the arc out, or make it a bit harsher, as needed for a particular weld.

Wire Feed System

All the parts on the wire feed system are metal. (On many budget class welders, some of the feed parts are plastic.) Yeswelder appears to understand the importance of the wire feed system and built some quality into theirs.

Ground Clamp

The clamp is robust and includes a braided wire to connect the jaws. This is not something found on many budget welders.

Lift TIG

Another surprise on the MIG-205DS, the lift TIG start impresses even experienced welders. It does not stick, but rather is quite smooth and allows you to make better welds. This kind of performance is not usually found on budget machines. 

2T and 4T MIG

It is a matter of preference, and most just use the 2T method. But the YesWelder MIG-205DS gives you the option to use a 4T MIG method.

For those who may not know, in 2T you pull the trigger to start welding, and you release it to stop. 4T means you pull the trigger to start your arc then release it to continue welding. When you want to stop, you pull and release the trigger again.

4T sounds complicated on paper. But for long welds, it means you do not have to hold the trigger the whole time. Read more about 2T vs 4T here.


This shipped unit weighs 33 lbs, and the core “power source” only weighs 22 lbs. Plus, the case is small enough to tuck away for transport and there is a carry handle on top. For those who bring the welder to the work, the YesWelder MIG-205DS makes moving your multi-welder around easy.

Power Supply

If you do move around a lot, you are more likely to find 110V outlets. No problem, this unit can run on 110V, but can also use 220V if available. 

Or, if you plan to add 220V in your shop in the future, you can run 110V in the meantime. You are not limited and the plug adapter is included.

SMAW Welding

For those who rely on stick welding in certain situations, this welder has you covered. It comes with an electrode holder, but no rods. 

Setup Buttons

Yeswelder includes some nice touches to help you set up. One is the wire feed button that runs the wire feed system on its own. This lets you feed the wire through the lead to the gun at a controlled speed with the gas off. 

You also can do the same for the gas. There is a gas “on” button that runs the gas independently. Again, that lets you run gas through your setup and set the flow rate accurately.

MIG-205DS vs MIG-250 Pro

If you are considering the MIG-205DS, then you may have noticed Yeswelder also offer a model up – called the MIG-250 Pro.

As there is not too much difference in price, I thought it was worth comparing them briefly:

  MIG-250 Pro MIG-205DS
Input power supply 220V 110V / 220V
Power output 250A 200A
Spool gun compatible
Runs 0.045 in. aluminum wire
Single-pass thickness on mild steel 1/2 in. 1/4 in.
Casing Color Black Sky blue
Usual Price See Latest
Offer Here

(plus 10% discount. Code: WELDGURU10)
See Latest
Offer Here

(plus 10% discount. Code: WELDGURU10)

The bottom line is if you’re looking for that extra power, would like to weld on aluminum and you know you’ll always have access to a 220v plug, then for the sake of an extra $80 you will be far better off with the MIG-250 Pro machine.

You find out more about the MIG-250 Pro in this full review here.

What Users are Saying about the MIG-205DS

In general, a few comments are common when welders use this machine. Things like, “Yeswelder MIG-205DS is fantastic value even if it cost $500. The high duty cycle is class-leading.”

Words like “surprising” and “easy to use” are also often used to describe the welding experience. It is also common to find users saying, “I love this little machine.” 

One tip repeated frequently is the “welder settings for the auto set will be too hot, I would try dialing it down a little at first.” Fortunately, the MIG-205DS allows you to tweak the presets to do this.

Another good tip, “consider buying the welding wire through Yeswelder at the same time, as it is competitively priced.” Consumables are not included in the box, but Yeswelder does make it easy to add them to your purchase, at a good price, if you buy directly from them.

Claim 10% off Your MIG-205DS

YesWelder has offered Weld Guru readers a generous 10% sitewide on any of their products. Meaning you can get about $40 off the MIG-205DS!

To claim this offer, go to the MIG-205DS product here, then enter the promo code: WELDGURU10 at the checkout.


For one low price, the Yeswelder MIG-205DS provides the ability to MIG, flux core, TIG, and stick weld. It runs on 110V or 220V, has a 60% duty cycle at 220A, and the inverter technology employed makes for a compact, light unit that you can move around. 

Yeswelder also added a usable control panel, protected by a dust cover. Then there are other touches like a carry handle, a dedicated preset to use pure CO2, and an inductance adjustment.  So, this unit comes loaded with many useful features, even though it is a “budget” welder. 

For the price, you get a lot and the performance makes it possible to enjoy welding with this unit. More importantly, you can create good welds with some practice to learn what settings work best. 

For new welders or those on a tight budget, this unit is affordable and brings a number of new capabilities to a small workshop. Or, if you want an inexpensive backup welder, the MIG-205DS is a good unit to have in reserve.

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  1. When my 205gs is on flux core it will only go to 035 wire will not let me select 030 or 023 but if I put it on mag it will plus the 2t/4t make no difference it still stop and go with only the trigger

  2. I see people talking about being able to control wire speed on this welder. I bought it but see no way to do this independently. Are you thinking the inductance setting controls the wire speed?

    • Hi Mark, the wire speed is tied to the amps. If you want less speed turn down the amps. If the weld is then too cold you can bump the voltage up. There is a +- 10 setting on voltage (it’s not actually 10 volts, think of it as a range).
      The inductance works well if you need to do upside down or vertical welding and want to thicken your pool a bit, or, flatten it out.
      I hope that helps.

  3. no 0.6 / 0.023″ drive roller included. Manual says it supports 0.023 wire but wont’ work and can’t buy the roller from yes welder, hence you have to buy somewhere hoping it fits.

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