Guide to Correcting GMAW Welding Defects

Guide to Correcting GMAW Welding Defects


There are several common GMAW welding defects (Mig) including:

Aluminum welds usually pose more problems than when working with steel since aluminum is a better conductor of heat and a lower melting point. This combination exposes aluminum welding projects to problems such as burn-through and warping.

Also, unlike steel which can be welded using a dragging or pushing technique, with aluminum the gun can only be dragged (also called backhand technique).

Voltage Related GMAW Welding Defect in Steel

GMAW welding defect caused by low voltage. Causes problem arc starting, lack of penetration and poor control. Other problems related to low voltage are convex bead profile, too much splatter and a low quality tie in at the weld toes.
Photo Credit: Miller Welds

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