20 Easy Welding Projects For Beginners

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Welding is best learned through a hands-on approach, but practicing welds doesn’t need to be boring.

Many welding projects for beginners are useful and interesting to make.

The list below contains easy welding projects requiring minimal supplies and welding skills.

Use the table of contents below to jump to projects quickly.

20 Welding Project Ideas For Beginners

1. Coat Hooks

marine life metal coat rack
DIY Coat rack by diypete.com

Coat hooks are simple to make and require just a few tack welds. This is one of the most straightforward projects you can make that can be used every day. Whenever someone enters the house from your household, they’ll appreciate your welding skills.

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2. Portable Beer Casing

Portable beer casing requires nothing other than a few metal sheets for the construction. With just a few welds, it’s a forgiving project in terms of precision. 

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3. Welding a Simple Metal Box

This simple project will teach you the importance of paying attention to heat input and resulting distortion. A beginner can easily make a metal box with minimal weld defects while learning essential welding skills like making a corner joint on thin sheet metal.

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4. Tablet/Phone Stand

With just a couple of bolts and angled bars, you can easily make a nice stand for your smartphone. You can give it a nice paint job afterward to make it fit in the interior.

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5. Weld a Barbeque

Welding a barbeque is a great welding project idea because it’s useful and easy to make. You can’t go wrong here because even a beginner welder can place the necessary tacks welds and a few corner welds for the frame. The weld penetration quality doesn’t matter because your barbeque won’t be supporting huge loads.

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6. Desk Organizer

This is one of the best welding projects for beginners. All it takes is a few steel tube profiles or rectangular sections and a few tack welds to hold it together. Depending on the esthetic preferences, you can give it a paint job or keep the plain steel finish. You can gift it to your friends, sell it, or use it yourself to organize pens and other desk items.

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7. Iron Cactus Desk Organizer

If the desk organizer above is too simple for you or you wish to practice some box corner welding, this is a great way to do it. It’s a simple project but looks very nice, even with a plain steel finish. You can easily sell it at a price higher than the overall material costs or gift it to a friend.

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8. Tube Sections Sculpture

Simple shapes inspire much modern art, and welding art is often produced using various metal tubes. Don’t be intimidated by how stunning this sculpture looks because a novice welder can easily recreate it. All it takes is cutting the pipe in uniform pieces and tack welding them one by one. It’s a great sculpture to practice your clamping skills and the overall precision of the shape you are building.

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9. Horseshoe Dutch Oven Holder

Requiring just three old horseshoes, a steel rod, and a can of fire-resistant paint, making a horseshoe dutch oven is an excellent project for a novice welder. It takes just a few short beads, which is great if you are still getting into arc welding. It’s a unique gift for almost any occasion, but you can also use it yourself when cooking outdoors.

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10. A Simple DIY Welding Table

A welding table is an indispensable piece of welding equipment. But instead of buying it, you can make a simple welding table that satisfies beginner’s needs. This is an excellent welding project idea to practice the uniform shape and alignment of square metal tubing.

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11. A Powerful Metal Bender

Many welding projects require bending and shaping the rebar, rods, and flat bars. Instead of getting expensive equipment or taking the pieces for treatment elsewhere, you can do it yourself. The video below shows how to make a powerful metal bender for DIY purposes.

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12. DIY Fire Pit

While welding a fire pit has more steps than many other projects outlined in this article, it’s pretty easy to make. There is very little room for error if you follow the video by Hobart below. It’s a great welding project to experience cutting, grinding, beveling, joining tubes, and working with large sheet metal.

See the Project Here

13. Weld a Universal Wrench

To contrast, the project above here is the most straightforward welding project idea you can make with two tack welds. This tool will be beneficial in everyday metalworking jobs or a DIY enthusiast.

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14. Make a Unique Chipping Hammer

A chipping hammer is necessary to remove the slag, and any welding setup is not complete without it. But instead of getting a chipping hammer from Amazon, you can make one yourself. Welding chain links in a solid handle might get tricky, but it’s an excellent practice for beginners.

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15. Welding a Heart Shape From Motorcycle Chain

easy welded metal heart chain

This small project requires nothing but a few low amperage TIG tack welds between the chain links. This is a perfect gift for your significant other or your loved family members.

See the Project Here

16. Yard Cup Holders

Having a drink at the yard strikes differently if you make the cup holder yourself. It requires a small sheet metal piece, four horseshoes, and rebar. You can use the angle grinder or a plasma cutter to make the stars while joining everything together requires any welding machine.

See the Project Here

17. Welded Picture Frame

Welding a picture frame needs square tubing and basic welding skill. You can use an angle grinder to give the steel tubing a shiny finish or paint it if you wish.

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18. Signs and Messages

You can weld almost any sign or a gift message from scrap metal. All it takes is nuts, bolts, nails, washers, rods, or anything similar and a basic MIG welder. For cleaner welds, you can use a TIG welder.

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19. Horseshoe Coffee Cup Holder

Unlike the outdoor cup holder by Hobart before, this welding project idea requires a bit more work. But it doesn’t need any special welding technique, and a novice can easily make it. This holder can significantly impact your interior design; everyone will love and comment on it.

See the Project Here

20. Floating Chain Wine Bottle Holder

This is an excellent project for beginners because it looks complex, but it isn’t. Tack welding chain links is tricky until you get the hang of it, but most people figure it out quickly. You can sell this holder for good money because of its attractive appearance or keep it to display your welding skill.

See the Project Here

Wrapping Up

Remember to wear protective equipment, including a proper welding helmet. Be extra careful of welding galvanized steel by accident, and overall, be mindful of the material you are working with.

Working on beginner welding projects like these will boost your skills, plus, as a result, you’ll get something useful. Use your learning phase to try MIG, Stick, and TIG welding. You can achieve many of the projects above with either, but you should try a different welding technique whenever possible to gain more experience.

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