Welding Symbols & Dictionary

Welding cannot take its proper place as an engineering tool unless means are provided for conveying the information from the designer to the workmen. Welding symbols provide the means of placing complete welding information on drawings. The scheme for the

Best Plasma Cutters with Built in Air Compressors

A plasma cutter with a built-in air compressor is a game changing technology, especially for a small shop. They’re great for sheet metal and bodywork, even heavy steel for frames. A plasma cutter does its work by heating metal into

Best Plasma Cutters – Reviews and Top Picks

Metal cutting can be one of the most tedious and expensive tasks in fabrication. Plasma cutters work more efficiently, making clean cuts with less heat and more precision, using a plasma torch. Inverter technology has lowered the costs of plasma

Best TIG Torches of 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The TIG process relies heavily on manual dexterity, developed by long practice. As the primary interface to the process, your TIG torch is extremely important. The main factor determining TIG welding quality besides skill level is your choice of torch.

Best TIG Welders Under $2000 – 2020 Top Picks

TIG welding is one of the most respected skills among metal crafters. Once called Heli-Arc for its helium shielding, TIG means Tungsten Inert Gas. The American Welding Society now calls it Tungsten Metal Arc Welding or TMAW. Whatever you call

Best TIG Welders under $1000 – 2020 Top Picks

The TIG process is known for the finest heat control of any type of welding. You can also weld more different materials than with any other process. There are two main drawbacks to TIG welding. First, it takes a lot

Best TIG Welders for the Money – Top Picks and Reviews

Need to weld aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium or thin sheet? You should know that controlling heat is essential. No welding process controls heat better or produces finer welds than a TIG machine does. Whether you call it TIG,

welding wire

Best MIG Welding Wire – 2020 Reviews and Top Picks

MIG welding wire plays a huge role in both quality and ease of welding. The wrong wire causes feed problems, jams the gun and wreaks havoc with your settings. When it doesn’t make good welds, 10 pounds of poor quality

Best MIG Welders under $500 – Reviews & Top Picks

The last ten years have seen incredible strides in the features and details offered on MIG welding machines for $500 or less. The number of available options and extra goodies increases all the time, making for some tempting offers in

Best MIG Welders under $1000 – Reviews and Top Picks

Whether you’re working on DIY metalwork or you’re a pro welder just starting your career, MIG welders are the best option to get the job done affordably. Flux core welding is an attractive and inexpensive alternative if you don’t really

Best Miller Welding Helmets 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

Founded in 1929, Miller Electric is one of the biggest names in welding. The company says its welding helmets are designed by welders, for welders. Miller welding helmets are known for rock-solid construction and durable materials. You need a helmet

Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews – Top Picks and Guide

Lincoln Electric is probably the best-known name in welding. The world’s first portable, single-operator welding machine was produced by Lincoln Electric in 1911. Lincoln was also the company that invented welding flux. Clearly, the company that invented the portable welder

Best Jackson Welding Helmets in 2020 with Reviews

You probably recognize the Jackson Safety name whether you’re a welding student, a professional or just a weekend warrior. Jackson offers a wide range of welding helmets, from inexpensive passive hoods to high-priced, premium models at the top end of

Welding Helmet Lens Shade Guide – With Chart

Welding is a dangerous profession, which makes safety a top priority. Among your arsenal of safety tools, a good auto-darkening welding helmet is probably the single most important item – and for good reason. A welding helmet’s job is to protect

Best Passive Welding Helmets in 2020

Ever seen a master fab man at the track? He’s that old guy welding patiently to keep the team in the race. He’s calmly efficient in the midst of chaos and thunder. Keep your eyes on that old guy. Sneak

Best MIG Welder for the Money – 2020 Top Picks & Reviews

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and flux core wire-feed welders have completely revolutionized small-scale welding over the last couple of decades. Whether it’s hobbyists needing inexpensive welders for DIY projects or professionals that deal with sheet metal on a daily basis,

Best Welding Helmets 2020 – Top Picks and Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re farming, fabricating hot rods or fixing appliances. When you work with metal, sooner or later you need to weld something. Once you start burning metal, you better have a good welding helmet on your head.

Best MIG & Stick Welding Gloves

In this welding gloves review, I’m going to reveal to you a not so common pitfall that many newbies make when buying welding gloves. It may not seem important to you because, duh, you need to protect your hands from